The Promise

The Promise

Book Cover

In a college typography class, I had to create a dust jacket for a book that was given to us in class. I received the book, The Promise by Chaim Potok. We were unable to read the book; instead, we had to create a cover embodying the title, while also persuading the reader to buy the book.

My design concept:

While thinking of a concept for the dust jacket, I began to think of the common associations when one thinks of a promise. One of my first ideas was the idea of a broken promise. From that idea, I started to imagine a storyline involving teenage girls that are best friends. One of the characters tells her best friend a deep secret that she makes her friend promise not to tell. The friend then goes on to tell the entire school the other girl’s secret, thus breaking her promise. To follow this storyline, I decided to photograph a teenage girl crossing her fingers behind her back, in turn suggesting that the whole intention is to eventually break the promise. I also emphasized this concept by putting a red line through the title The Promise. This was to symbolize an imaginary list of promises that one-by-one gets crossed off as it is broken. The main target audience for my book is young adult readers, primarily teenage girls. I feel that the use of a young girl on the cover along with the purple color would attract this audience to not only pick up the book but eventually purchase it as well.

Design by Julian Nicole Salinas

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