Computadoras Pro Jovenes

Computadoras Pro Jovenes

Identity System and Website

In 2005, my grandfather co-founded “Computadoras Pro Jovenes (CPJ)” or “Computers for School Kids” which is a non-profit organization in San Miguel, a small city in Central Mexico. Computadoras Pro Jovenes provide computers and accessories to schools, special needs children, and college students from poor families. The organization has provided over 1,000 pieces of donated equipment to the children of Central Mexico so they can build the skills they need to succeed. This project is an identity system and website for Computadoras Pro Jovenes that will spread awareness of the organization and to encourage people in the United States to donate to this cause.

Computadoras Pro Jovenes needed a strong and graphic identity to continue to grow. The new logo shows children’s faces inside a computer screen, symbolizing the main focus of the organization. The colors represent the softness of children and are also comfortable and inviting to look at. The color scheme and graphic icons are used consistently throughout the various promotional materials to unify them and build a recognizable and literal representation of Computadoras Pro Jovenes.

Design by Julian Nicole Salinas

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